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You will not see my face on your television or on a billboard. I am not engaged in the "Law Business." I practice law and have done so for over thirty (30) years. I am proud to say that my practice was not built because of my marketing skills, but rather on my skills as a lawyer. The vast majority of my clients come as referrals from former clients not from advertisements. The best compliment I receive is a referral from my clients and friends.

At Clements Law Office you are not a number, you are my client. I will not push you off on a "team member". You will be personally represented by me. I promise my best effort to help you achieve the best possible result of whatever issue you are facing. I am a bilingual law firm. Contact Clements Law Office to schedule a free legal consultation with me today. 316-686-6825

I am not engaged in the “Law Business”, I practice law. My client base has been built on my referrals for over 30 years, not by my marketing skills. 316-686-6825


About Chris Clements

Chris Clements was born and raised in Holton, Kansas. He graduated from Holton High School in 1979. He graduated from Kansas State University in 1983 with a Bachelor of Science degree in History. He graduated from Washburn University School of Law in1986. He was admitted to the Kansas Bar on September 30, 1986. He began his general law practice in Garden City with the Law Office of Jerry L. Soldner. In May,1992 he relocated to Wichita. Joined and later became a partner in Wilson, Lee & Gurney were he limited his practice to workers compensation. In May, 1999 Chris Clements opened his own office where he continues to represent injured workers.Chris has expanded his practice to include; social security disability claims, family law and wills & trusts. He is a thirty year notable member of the Kansas Bar Association, the Kansas Association for Justice and The Wichita Bar Association.
He has successfully argued multiple cases before the Kansas supreme court in Saylor vs. Westar Energy. In Saylor, the Supreme Court ruled that an injured worker can have a date of accident after his last day worked and more importantly, that an injured worker is free to pursue medical treatment at the employers' expense if that employer refuses or neglects to provide medical treatment following notice of the accidental injury. He is licensed in both state and federal courts in Kansas. He is also licensed in Texas and Oklahoma, but does not actively practice law in those states. Contact Chris Clements and receive experienced legal counsel from a lawyer with over 30 years of legal experience. Call 316-686-6825 and schedule your free legal consultation.

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View the video of Saylor v. Westar Energy. Select appeal #100,012 and click on #4 and drag the time bar below the video to 2:40:30.

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